Combined Makan Fellowship

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yesterday, 7th March, Satuday, we MF had our combined Makan Fellowship. 3 hotspots joined together, - Pushkin, Kuzminki n Yougo-Zapadnaya. altogether about 45 of us. it was an awesome time of makan n fellowship n getting to know one another. we had dinner at Devi's Restaurant. had rice, with chicken curry, nan n dal n sum fried filling thing lik curry puff. YUMMY!

waiting for people n dinner. haha.

brandon n me. bro n sis in Moscow. haha.

me, Jien Wey, BC

our dinner.

happy people eating.

Bryan, me, Prem, Matthew, Lowell

smile :)

And, much to our surprise, all of us girls were each presented with a red rose. aww.. how sweet. coz it was Women's Day. haha. so the guys planned n got flowers for all the girls. thanks guys!

Wan Sim, me, Kooi Hiang

Kenix, Saac, Andrew Kok, Andrew Jack, Isaac, Marcus, me, Vashni

well, it was my first time eating at Devi's Restaurant. and it was such a blessing to have dinner with everyone though some didn't come. God bless you all.. love you all.


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