A heavy heart..

Friday, March 20, 2009

a heavy heart, no one can ever understand how i feel right now. i don't know what else i can do. i don't know how long i will have this ringing in my mind, affecting my thoughts which affects my mood and indirectly affects people around me. why does it have to be like this? i don't want it at all. i wanna be free of this heavy heart. i feel really alone, like no one can ever understand why. i wish i can just cut away this heavy heart n replace it with a light, care-free one. i really hate myself now. i dunno what else i can do. i dunno what else i should do. it really feels like my whole world is crashing on me now. what am i suppose to do? this is one thing everyone around me has failed to realize and understand, it's not that i'm angry or anything, there's something that's making my heart so heavy. too heavy for me to carry till it kinda affects me. though sometimes i may seem ok, but on the inside i am actually not. don't ask me why because i myself also don't know why. i am reli sorry everyone.


Dr.JaCkAl~~mahes~~ March 21, 2009 at 1:35 AM  

'what are I am supposed to do?', nobody can answer that but you.. but i do can tell you 1 thing.. what you should do now.. is to live.. to live is to fight.. to fight what you believe in, and fight for what you want for tomorrow.. now you are as a student, as a daughter, as a fren as a sister, as a leader and all.. you have to win all those battles in life.. and by the way, your are just 20, so you are just at the brink of the beginning of the lifelong war..

your heart feels heavy, feels empty.. as if its lacking something.. and maybe sometimes, you feel a little cold inside.. many people feel that actually..many also do understand that feeling.. the guy who laughes and smiles alot also feels this..its just that the reason that causes this for every person varies..
just imagine your heart is a little boat, in a middle of the ocean, and the water keep getting in, and u feel like you are sinking.. heavier and heavier.. sooner or later, you have to start throwing the start out..
so, i think you should have sometime for yourself, and start by doing things that you once loved.. little things.. like listening to a song you really like when uyou was 12, or eating your favourite flavor of ice cream.. buying or window shopping for clothes or shoes.. and doing those things that once carved a smile on your face by doing it..

the world won't crash on you if you didn't let it.. just like the boat.. it wont sink, until you stop or give up throwing out the water.. so, don't give up hope ya my friend.. hehe!! help is always there for those who need it.. hahahaha.. cheer up!!!

by telling you all this, i finally written a comment longer than your post.. hahaha!! yes!! i win!!! lols!!!

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