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Monday, March 23, 2009

here's something to update.

thanks everyone, for all your concern. hopefully things are better. am leaving it all fully to God. i know He is always there beside me. God didn't promise us a smooth life, but He put obstacles to allow us to grow in deeper faith in Him. Like what Pastor Kevin Loo said, once ppl start getting comfortable, that's the time when their faith start to weaken because there were no problems. so, in a way, problems in life gets ppl going. anyways, i'm ok now. Mum, Soon Ying, thank you, don't worry, i will stay strong. love you all n miss u all so so much.

for last week, celebrated 3 birthdays. Charmaine, Bryan n Yow.
Charmaine n Bryan's bday was awesome with so many surprises planned out. hope u all really enjoyed your special day n 1st birthday in Moscow. hehe. and of course, both kena creamed n vodka. haha. and kena bullied with 3 games. and not to forget, the makan lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, was an experience. but guess it must have been their best birthday.

coming week, means this week, i have 2 colloqs - Anatomy Respiratory System and Biology Phylum Arthropoda. and to add on, articles for a magazine. whoa.. gonna be a super busy week. hope i can have time for everything. it's really training my time management.

oh ya, last friday, when i was travelling to physics lecture with Jasper n Gan, at a metro station where we change from one line to another, an old lady fell into the track. we were standing about 6 meters away when we suddenly heard a loud sound like as if something fell. then we saw the old lady in the track. 2 russian guys immediately got in to pull her out. thank goodness the previous metro just left n the next metro was not too near yet. the next metro came in approx 10 seconds later. phew. thank goodness. or not it will be the third case of ppl being rammed by the metro in the year. Malaysian students hav witnessed 2 so far. n i surely wouldn't wanna witness one myself. thank God. thank God for protection.

okies. guess that's all for now. will update more soon. hopefully. hehehe.
take care everyone. missing u all back in Malaysia so much.

love from moscow,


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