Purposes + Liposome = Purposome

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

today at class, thanks to my didi, Brandon, a new word was created.

it is 'purposome'.

let me tell u how it came about.
at physics class today when i was doing my physics questions, Brandon was sitting beside me as usual. i was doing the questions and when i was writing the word 'purposes', Brandon suddenly ask me what is liposome. so i gladly answered him, "Liposome is on page 21" coz i was so happened on that page also but in the end, i ended up writing 'purposome' instead of 'purposes'. i looked at Brandon, and told him what happened and he burst out in laughter, declaring he would finally update his blog after so long n write about this newly created word 'purposome'. i wonder whether he really did. haha. anyways, i really had a good laugh over it. haha.

Purposes + Liposome = Purposome


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