Holiday updates #1

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's been 12 days since i reach home. time really flies. it seem like just yesterday i arrived home, and it has been almost 2 weeks ady. anyways, just to update a bit on my holidays so far.

last Thurs, 25th June. went to meet Joyce. we went to watch Transformers 2 together with some of her college mates, Stephanie was there too, didn't see her for like ages. was glad to have met her there. met Yin Yep too. the movie was great. a lot of action of course. to me, it was quite long, coz i felt from the time Sam took to reach Optimus Prime was like literally half the movie. but guess that's the climax. halfway went out to toilet somemore n that time i thought i was going to miss important parts but see see i go out n come back n Stephanie went out to toilet n came back also, Sam still haven't reach Optimus Prime. so imagine lah, how long that part was. LOL.

after movie, went makan lunch at Black Canyon. everytime i see Black Canyon, it reminds me of Soon Ying. haha. i know you know what i mean dear. LOL. me n Joyce ate the same thing. the set, with a glass of watermelon juice and a big bowl of tom yam soup pasta. yummy.

after lunch, Joyce wanted to buy her contact lenses, so we went to England Optical shop. she bought her contact lenses, and guess what, i got a free trial pair of contact lense. whee.. thanks to Joyce and her super consumer rights skills. hahaha. but till now, unfortunately, i'm having problem wearing them. haha. Joyce, i know u're so gonna laugh at me. LOL.

then went back to her house, and she copied loads of movies for me. yahoo. super funny ones. so
so starting from that day, Joyce became my contact lense and movies provider. HAHA. can't wait to meet you again Joyce :)

then, on normal days, when there are no plans, mornings i'll be home. afternoons depends, i'll usually follow mum around, when she goes and runs errands, i'll accompany her, at least can spend more time with her. oh ya, i go pasar malam too. went twice ady. hehe. wanted to buy durian, but dad didn't buy coz couldn't find a worth it one. there was one stall selling 1 kg for RM20. siao expensive wei.. but daddy promise he'll buy durian soon.

and on 27th June, Gan came down from Tampin for their missions trip meeting. he brought some goodies, thanks Gan. we went dinner with Saac, had Ipoh famous tauge chicken. Gan's first time in Ipoh so his first time eating it. haha.

on Sunday, 28th June, at last got to meet Gavin. had a super long fun chat with him. how i wish i could see him every Sunday too. gonna miss you loads la godbro :) take care in Singapore. and i'll be looking forward to seeing again.

and for dinner, it was awesome, yummy. went my aunt's house for dinner. my aunt's a super good cook. wish i could cook like her lah. hehe.

and on Monday, today, 29th June, i finally cut my hair. mum kept bugging me to cut my hair coz she said it was so long, and indeed it is. so there, 3 inches of my hair is gone now. head also feel lighter. haha. and the hairdresser layered my hair even more. coz i don't plan to cut till next year summer holidays.

i guess, that's about it. now i'm getting lazy to write ady. hehe. till then, take care everyone.
and happy holidays to all those back for hols. God bless.


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