Holiday updates #2

Thursday, July 2, 2009

today, Thurs, means i've been home for exactly 2 weeks. owh. how time flies.

yesterday, my maid left back for holiday in Indonesia for a month. so, no maid for a month. which means, say hello to housework. so my daily routine everyday is housework, includes, cleaning the house, laundry, cooking (help mum), washing up after meals, etc. so, u can say, my time is literally fully utilized. the time i'm not doing housework, i'm either out of the house or i'm busy settling stuffs.

no more chance to be piggie ady lor. no more oversleeping for me. it's a daily 5-6 hours of sleep a day now. so at the end of the day, i'll be tired out.

anyways, my brother's friends came over for a few nights, coz they were on a holiday trip together. they were staying at my family apartment at Ipoh Tower coz there was too many of them. but they came back home to lepak and hang around. so got to meet them. nice ppl. had loads of fun with them. hehe. just sent Qu Wern back to Penang today. well, hope to see u again. haha.

kor kor took me to eat famous chicken rice today. at Pak Kong near Kamdar. my first time but not his first time at all. haha. it was good. no doubt. thanks kor kor :)

yummy chicken rice.

i'm praying everything'll be ok. got some visa issue to go india and problem with the translation for documents for uni. and i hope my family trip to Penang wouldn't end up being cancelled. so many threats causing it to be nearly cancelled. sigh.

Happy Holidays!


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