Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the fourth day, seniors took us to Arbat, another tourist spot.. Jien Wey, B.C., Kooi Hiang n Richelle took us.. again, we took a bus n metro there.. the public transport here is super cekap.. at Arbat, there are two parts.. the old part n the new part.. the old part consist of the older buildings n more of the historical ones.. the new part is more of the casinos n new shops.. we explored the old part first.. saw lotsa buildings.. love the design.. took lotsa photos.. haha.. and I ate ice-cream also.. it’s a vanilla with nuts ice-cream.. that was my first ice-cream in Moscow.. haha.. well.. it was nice.. but actually nothing really that special just that it was ages since I ate ice-cream due to my cold.. haha.. okay, check out the photos..

the buildings..

my first ice-cream in Moscow..

the cow's the celebrity..

the surroundings..

Okay.. this is a statue of Pushkin and his wife.. Pushkin is a famous poet in Russia..

On the ground, they have all this pavement with decoration.. check it out..

they have these dolls too.. but if you wanna take a photo with the dolls you need to pay.. haha.. check them out..


Okay.. now we come to the new side of Arbat.. here, it’s more of the casinos and new shops.. spotted a particularly attracting casino.. hehe.. check it out..

outside a casino..

Next, we went to a park like.. I dunno exactly what place it is neither do any of my friends here.. haha.. well, when I know I’ll tell.. okay.. check this place out.. it’s a nice place.. got a lot of Russians there also..

There’s this clock there.. the clock works k.. not fake one.. they use flower plants to make the numbers n all.. hehe.. creative..

They have this really big and wide fountain.. nice flowers there also.. hehe.. I love the place.. check out the photos.. sorry.. I lazy to describe so much.. hehe..

some statue thing..

the fountain..

some building..

Alan, Kent, me, Valynne, Marcus, Tang n Yow

we're born in 1942.. haha.. no la.. just kidding..

me n Valynne

Valynne n me.. the flowers..

After the park, Tjen Jhung took us to a mall to have dinner and buy some emergency groceries.. it’s called Kievskaya Mall.. went to the food court.. again, lotsa food.. haha.. looks nice but then of course price also nice.. Moscow here everything is really expensive.. cannot compare to Malaysia, if not you won’t eat.. haha.. Tjen Jhung, suggested we try some kind of spaghetti.. it’s the kind where you pick how much meat and vegetables u want and they’ll cook it for you with the noodle.. haha.. so, we being Malaysians, all wanna take more n more n make mountains of meat n vegetables n take as much as we can.. haha.. u know, it’s call ‘kia su’.. lol.. so we took as much as we could.. haha.. the guys, especially took more.. but in the end, after they cook it, it turn out to be a lot.. a BIG plate.. n the guys had problem finishing it.. haha.. Marcus n Kent were the ones who couldn’t finish but in the end they force themselves to finish cause food is precious.. cannot waste.. haha.. but me n Valynne could finish coz we memang pakat to share.. haha.. I was laughing like crazy watching Marcus n Kent struggling to finish their food.. haha.. really funny.. the way they pick up the noodle n meat n veggie trying to finish it.. haha.. check out the photos.. funniest dinner in Moscow..

compare how much we Malaysians take n how much the Russians take..
ours are the last few ones..

this is how they cook it..

BIG plate..

Kent, Valynne, me n Marcus

Surroundings of the mall.. the bubble lift n the water clock..

the water clock

bubble lift

Went back by metro then by bus.. thanks a lot Tjen Jhung for all your help.. really appreciate it..


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