Grocery shopping at Arshan

Thursday, October 11, 2007

went to Arshan on Thursay.. Sam was our tour guide n brought us there.. took a bus, then metro then free shuttle bus.. it was raining.. with wind blowing also.. can consider it cold.. well, temperature here has been dropping n some more it has been raining quite frequently.. well.. Arshan is a place where you can get groceries at the cheapest price.. we were all so happy to see cheaper groceries.. all of us got whatever groceries we needed.. shared trolleys n the trolleys were stacked up with all our groceries.. haha.. bought rice, noodle, pasta, instant noodle, spaghetti sauce, sugar, bread, donuts, sausages, non-stick pan for cooking, containers to put stuff, chopping board, n the list goes on.. haha.. we really needed to cook coz food here in restaurants are not cheap at all.. haha.. check out the stuff..

chocolates :)


my favourite orange juice

well, the bread here can last very long.. for 2 months.. apparently, they put a little alcohol in the bread.. hehe..

russian instant noodle.. it's nice..

next, going back, was a disaster.. so many people wanted to fit into the free shuttle bus.. n it’s was still raining I was kinda flatten.. people kept forcing their way into the bus.. my back hurt.. poor Vaughn.. he was squash till cannot breathe.. well.. temperature is dropping here.. it has been raining.. getting colder day by day ady.. probably by middle of October the temperature might reach 0°C.. soon it’ll be winter.. cold.. very very cold.. I really can’t imagine how cold it’ll be.. but, I’ll conquer it.. haha..


Anonymous October 14, 2007 at 12:33 PM  

Hi there! Guess who? I'll be in touch soon

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