Dinner at Sportivenaya Hostel..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

on Saturday night, 6th October, went Sportivenaya Hostel for dinner.. Xinru’s good friend’s elder sister, Kah Hooi n her friends cook.. it’s was basically a pot luck thing.. by the way, Xinru is my unit mate.. each unit has 2 rooms.. 1 room for 2 people n another room for 3 people.. Xinru is rooming with Jacinta in the 2 bed one.. while me, Farah n Valynne are in the 3 bed one.. hehe.. okay, the food was great.. delicious.. well, it’s really really very delicious.. it made me miss my home food so so much.. we had soup.. very nice soup.. then, there was squid, veggie, ginger chicken, fish curry and banana split for desert.. yummy yummy yummy.. seriously, that meal was the most satisfying meal ever since I came to Moscow.. haha.. that shows how much I miss my food back home.. lol.. sorry, didn’t take any photos.. haha.. was too hungry.. seriously, I was memang really very hungry.. coz before that me n Valynne couldn’t find the hostel and the seniors had to come get us.. we were standing by the roadside feeling really hungry.. stomach growling.. haha.. went there to online also.. to update blog.. to check friendster n emails.. we all were like playing internet like as if ages haven’t got access to it.. haha.. eat while online that was what we were doing.. but still enjoy la the food.. haha.. oh ya, Sportivenaya Hostel is seriously very very nice.. not kidding.. when I entered Kah Hooi’s room, I was like, whoa, so so nice.. I also wanna stay there laa.. haha.. but have to wait for maybe second year only can go there.. well, each unit have their own personal kitchen.. each unit super nice n big.. went to Tjien Jhung’s room also.. his room also super nice.. so cosy.. aarrhh.. I wanna stay there more n more.. haha.. then, met Li Jie there also.. Li Jie is my senior when I was in MGS.. but she was very senior and I was very junior so I didn’t really know her n she didn’t know me.. I just know her by name only.. so that’s the reason why she couldn’t remember me when Tjen Jhung brought her to see me.. hehe.. but anyway, talked with them.. really nice people.. thanks a lot for all your help..


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