Second day..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

On the second day, went Mos-Lanka to settle our documents, pay fees n everything.. a senior, Sudhir took us.. took a bus to the nearest metro station then took metro to the metro station nearest to the place and then walk a while.. we waited for actually very long at the Mos-Lanka office.. it was like way past lunch time when we could finally go.. we were like, at last.. at there, we managed to change some USD into Rubles then went to get our russian sim card first n then went to McDonalds for lunch.. whoa, the food here is expensive compared to Malaysia.. we were like converting n comparing prices.. seriously, cannot compared n convert la, or not u really won’t eat.. haha.. now we all like eating super little.. like one to two solid meals a day.. the most also two solid meals a day.. super kesian la.. haha.. but no worries, I wasn’t starving.. dunno why but I seriously wasn’t hungry although I was like kinda hardly eating compared to when I was back in Malaysia.. haha.. well, now I really miss the food back home.. waahhh.. lol..

Then at night, we went for supper with the seniors.. went out with Jien Wey and her friends plus some other new students from Russian Resources.. met Dahines also.. went to this place called Sim-Bab.. my area where I’m staying got a few.. there’s one right at my hostel.. this place is famous for their ‘Sharma’.. it’s something like little pieces of seasoned roasted chicken together with French fries n salad with sour cream n some sambal.. they serve it together with bread.. nice.. I enjoyed it.. hehe.. well, here are the photos we took.. it was really a great night.. we all had a lot of fun talking crap n all although we were kinda tired out.. hehe..

Jien Wey n me.. by the roadside.. haha..

friends :)



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