The Red Square..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the third day, we went to the Red Square after going Mos-Lanka to settle our documents and get our temporary passport since they had to take our passport to do our student card.. hehe.. a senior, Jien Wey’s friend, B.C. took us.. only we pre-med went coz the first years had to wait at the Mos-Lanka office.. pity them.. so Valynne, me, Farah, Tang n Kent together with B.C. went.. we took a metro there.. I love the scenery n those designs on the buildings.. I was like taking photos like crazy.. haha.. there were like so many people there at the Red Square including russians.. but I saw some foreigners also.. plus there were a few couples taking wedding photographs.. whoa.. the scenery was awesome.. I wish my family n everyone else had the chance to see it too.. okay.. here’s some photos..

Well.. outside they have this thing in the middle.. they say that spot is the exactly the middle of Moscow.. as in it’s the centre of Moscow.. so, we could see lotsa people especially the old folks throwing coins and making wishes there.. haha.. check it out..

Okay.. this is a shopping mall they call it ‘Goom’.. apparently it’s the most expensive shopping place in Moscow.. as in the things sold there is the most expensive in Moscow.. so it is super expensive coz things in Moscow is already way more expensive than KL, Malaysia.. haha.. but the architecture of the building is nice.. check it out.. the outside n the inside..

the outside

the inside

B.C, Farah, Valynne, me n Tang

Then, there’s another building.. I dunno what it is but apparently it’s gonna undergo renovation.. so they put this sketching on the outside of the building so that the people can see and if there’s any objections to the design the people can speak out n then they can make whatever changes they want.. apparently that’s how it is here in Moscow, before they build, they’ll show it first.. hehe.. cool huh? I was surprise when I first heard it too.. hehe..

Here’s the museum.. I didn’t go in but maybe next time I will.. hehe.. they say this museum has two looks.. as in during winter the museum has another look compared to when it isn’t winter.. haha.. now I can show you this one only.. the winter one, I’ll see whether I have to chance to take a picture of it coz it’s gonna be very very very cold during winter.. haha.. I don’t wanna freeze till I turn ice.. lol.. haha.. just kidding laa.. I definitely won’t make myself freeze but just imagine yourself standing under temperature of -30°C n below..

the museum

Okay.. next, the centre of attraction.. it’s some cathedral.. a very famous one I guess.. sorry.. but I dunno the name.. lol.. will tell when I find out.. haha.. somehow, dunno why I didn’t ask about it.. maybe I was too busy taking photographs n admiring it to even bother asking about its name.. haha.. check it out.. nice right?

me n Valynne..

next.. let’s get to the outside of the Red Square.. here we have this fire thing.. this fire doesn’t go off at all n it’s lighted all year round, day and night, 24 hours, in memory of those who died for the country.. beside the fire, stand two guards.. they’re real guards.. not fake ones.. whoa.. I really respect them.. can stand there so still for so long with everyone staring at them.. hehe.. check it out..

here’s a Japanese restaurant.. the waitress working in there are mostly Mongolians.. hehe.. we rested just outside there n also took some photos.. hehe..

a japanese restaurant..

Kent, me, Valynne, Farah n Tang

next, headed for dinner.. right outside the shopping mall where we were going to eat, there was this really beautiful fountain.. nice huh?

Farah, Valynne, me, Kent n Tang..

then, went into the shopping mall.. here in Moscow, it seems like everywhere, they have this metal scanner before you enter.. I dunno what’s it for but it seems like everywhere has it.. okay.. went to the food court.. lotsa food.. check out the ice-cream.. the colour n the shape.. ehem.. my crazy friend, Valynne was like laughing like crazy over the sight of the ice-cream which looks like…. In her mind it looks like ‘shit’.. haha.. Valynne Valynne n her crazy mind.. haha.. her laughter really very spreadable.. lol.. ok.. I ate potato.. the potatoes here in Moscow is really nice n delicious.. n filling also.. the seniors had to help us order coz we couldn’t speak Russian.. Russians here don’t speak English.. haha.. oh ya, at the food court, I also met Tjen Jhung, my cousin.. whoa.. didn’t expect to meet him there.. hehe..

the ice-cream..

after dinner, we went exploring.. before that, outside the shopping mall, we saw this clock.. it’s a world clock or something like that.. it was at night n it was lighted.. nice.. check it out..

okay.. then went walking n walking.. saw more n more buildings.. lotsa theaters.. seniors took us to see a statue of Pushkin.. Pushkin is a famous poet in Russia.. then, seniors took us to see a big McDonalds with wi-fi.. the seniors usually go there for wi-fi.. so I guess, me too will make lotsa trips there.. haha.. ok.. sorry no photos coz my phone camera went out of battery.. then, headed back using metro n bus.. was kinda late when we reach back to the hostel.. but it was a great day of sightseeing n all.. but of course tired la, whole day walking.. but it was worth it..


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