Sunday.. Moscow River..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sunday.. went church.. it’s an international church where most of the Malaysian students attend worship service.. it’s called ‘International Christian Assembly’.. the church is near Sportivenaya metro station.. followed some seniors there.. after church, went walking around Moscow river area.. seniors brought us.. B.C., Jien Wey n friends brought us.. first, we walked around the walkway of a bridge.. from there we could see the Moscow river and the surrounding buildings including Moscow’s famous chocolate factory..

Moscow river

on the bridge

Jacinta, Xinru, Archie, Valynne n me

then walked around a park.. I love the scenery.. the leaves turning yellow n red.. I just love autumn.. just outside the park there were many statues.. took lotsa photos also.. everyone was like busy taking photos and posing with the statues.. haha..

James, Kent, Alan, Valynne, me, Archie, Marcus, Tang, Jacinta

me n Valynne..

Jacinta, me, Xinru, B.C n Valynne

Valynne n me.. it's autumn..

me :)

then, came out from the park and walked along Moscow river.. well, this round, we didn’t manage to cruise along Moscow river but I hope we’ll get the chance to next time.. hehe.. well.. there was this really huge n tall statue situated on Moscow river.. they say it’s Peter The Great.. hehe.. nice!!

the statue of 'Peter The Great'

the bridge

Kent, Archie, Vaughn n me

Kent, Archie, Marcus, me, Vaughn n Valynne

There were ducks in the river also.. but they’re not the white ordinary ducks we see in Malaysia.. these are the nice ones with colourful feathers.. you can say it’s rare in Malaysia.. hehe..

okay.. walked n walked till we came to some buildings.. wanted to get something to eat n drink but everything was so expensive so in the end, we just rested by a little fountain.. there, we spotted another very dirty car.. I dunno why but it seems like people here don’t wash their cars.. they’re like super dusty.. I really dunno how they tahan.. even the expensive cars also they don’t wash.. haha.. check it out..

super dirty

Front: James, Marcus, Kent, Tang

Back: Archie, Vaughn, me, Valynne

with our seniors n tour guides.. a BIG thank you to them..

After all that walking, we headed back.. at the metro station, saw another money changer.. well.. the US currency has been dropping a lot.. and we here wanna change money from USD to Rubles but seeing the currency very low, we were all like…. Okay… u get it.. haha.. seriously, it has been dropping.. everyday, we watch it drop n drop n drop.. let’s see how low it’ll get to..


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