Arrival at Moscow.. 26th September..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I finally reach Moscow after about 12 to 13 hours of sitting in the plane.. From KLIA flew to Bangkok.. then transit from Bangkok straight to Moscow.. sat the THAI airlines.. well, on the plane from KLIA to Bangkok, I sat with Jacinta.. a new first year student in MMA.. met her at the briefing before.. then on the plane from Bangkok to Moscow, I sat in between Farah Liyana and Valynne.. they’re pre-med students like me.. when we finally reach Moscow airport, we were so glad.. was getting kinda bored of the journey although there were like lotsa movies to watch.. i was kinda sleepy coz I couldn’t sleep but then I was excited after that.. haha.. the weather was prefect.. not so hot n not so cold.. it was autumn.. the leaves were turning yellow n dropping.. well, this is my first encounter of autumn.. I was enjoying the sight of the surrounding.. hehe.. we all unloaded n got all our bags, and the worst part was, we couldn’t find enough trolleys.. so we had to share the trolleys n like stake our bags till full.. wahaha.. break record wehh.. two trolleys to fill all our big bags.. but of course, the guys were the ones who push the trolleys.. haha.. but anyway, our group memang got more guys than girls.. got only 5 girls and 7 guys.. yeah.. Vaughn and Marcus were the ones who push the two trolleys.. haha.. well, here’s our record breaking bags with the trolleys n other photos taken outside Moscow Airport..

our bags.. break record..

outside the airport..

valynne, farah n me outside the airport..

that's me outside the airport..

Well.. after we got out of the airport, we got into a hired bus by the agent.. Mr Farid, a very important person came to get us from the airport.. took quite a long journey to get to the hostel n by the time we reach we were all dehydrated coz none of us had water coz now the super strict airport don’t allow us to bring liquid.. got all those ‘ma fan’ rules n regulations.. haiz.. the dehydration caused me to get back my cough.. plus the air also we’re not used to it.. here a lot of people smoke.. worst than in Malaysia.. practically like everyone smokes here including girls.. we were all like dehyrdrated and we were without any Russian money so we couldn’t buy anything.. we only have USD with us.. when we reach the hostel, we only manage to change one person’s money coz the money changers were close n it was late n we were all tired out.. well.. the first night was reli tiring.. we were all too tired to do anything.. now the hostel we are staying in is the RSMU hostel..the hostel we are suppose to stay in is actually Pushkin hostel which is opposite the centre to learn the russian language.. but we couldn’t move there yet because there’s no place.. apparently, the russians dun wanna open up the empty floors for us.. if wanna make room for us, the second years staying there have to move to Spartiff but at Spartiff there’s no room for them also.. so there’s a big mess n they’re still negotiating.. hehe.. the hostel here well it is considered bad.. but to me, it’s still bare able.. the girls unit considered better than the guys one although I never saw the guys one.. the guys alwiz come to the girls unit, our unit.. haha.. well, the toilet is bad.. it’s dirty.. the toilet at my grandparents home in kampung is even better.. seriously.. haha.. well.. no photos of the hostel.. sorry, I reli din bother taking coz it doesn’t look good.. haha.. but it’s still fun.. I’m enjoying it.. Moscow actually is a nice place.. I love the weather n their architecture..


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