how could someone do such a thing?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i just receive the news a few hours ago that a korean friend, Ken Kwak Min was found murdered on Saturday morning in his rented house in Taman Ukay Heights, Petaling Jaya, just hours after arriving from Ipoh to spend his school holidays in KL. he had been bludgeoned to death with a piece of wood found at the scene n there were injuries on his neck. u can read more in NST n Star papers.

how could such a thing have happened? what has the world become? how can someone be so cruel and have no regard for someone's precious life?

it had been ages since i last saw Ken since i left to Moscow, he had attended youth at my church when he was in Ipoh studying at Ipoh International School. never would i expect such a thing to happen to someone i know. he was a great guy, friendly and fun to hang around with. now, with that terrible piece of news broken out to us, pieces of memories i have of him start to appear, his joyful smile, n korean words n drawings he drew on the whiteboard when he taught me korean for fun. thank you so much Ken, for those memories. i will treasure them always.

no one had ever imagined that such a thing would ever happen. i feel really bad, really really bad. the feeling of losing a friend is just so hard.. i still can't believe it actually happened.

i pray that the murderer will be found soon and that fair judgement will take place.

my deepest condolences to his family. may the peace of God be with them.

and also my deepest condolences to Joyce and her family as her grandmother passed away.

Ken, may you rest in peace. we miss you and we love you.

"Live life as if there is no tomorrow"

Hear Us From Heaven - Ross Parsley


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