a tribute

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

many of us still haven't gotten over what had happen, and we just wonder "Why? Why does this have to happen?". we dunno why this had to happen. but we know, that God is there for us, and we have to trust Him at all times for He knows what He is doing. God chose to take Ken and set him by His side eternally, and i know that His ways are not our ways, we just have to learn to trust the plan He has. after all, He didn't have to give us Ken in the first place but He did, and i thank God for that.

from this incident, it has made me realize that nothing is certain. we can never know what can ever happen next and we should never take life for granted. indeed, the phrase "Live life as if there's no tomorrow" makes more n more sense now. let us learn to appreciate people and things around us and not take things for granted.

To all who know him,
i know, this has indeed been a shocking and terrible news that none of us could believe that it happened. i know, many still have not gotten over it, including myself, but we all know, that he's in a much better place now. he's with God in heaven, where there is no more pain, no more suffering, but there is joy, peace and happiness forever. it is ok to feel sad, and in fact it is very normal. Ken knows how we feel and he knows that we all love him n miss him deeply.

God be with you, Ken.


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