Farewell, Gavin

Sunday, July 27, 2008

today is MYF Sunday. we youths lead the worship service in church. it went ok.

after that, we had a farewell lunch for Gavin at MYC. he's leaving to Singapore to work and that means we're not gonna meet that often anymore. now that i'm gonna go back to Moscow n he might not be back in Ipoh even though i'm back, it's gonna mean we won't be seeing each other for ages. gonna miss him a lot.

okies, back to the subject. since the food has yet to arrive, we started off with games. then we invited Gavin to give his farewell speech. after that, people came up to say something for him and next we presented him with an album. an album that is the one n only one in the world. one that is made with sincere n thoughtful hearts. thank you so much Alison, Judith n David for helping in the production of this album. n thank you Aunty Lay Ean for all the delicious meals at ur home.

Gavin giving his farewell speech

well, this album contains photos n messages from the youths. i think, that is one of the best gifts anyone can ever receive. hope u like it, Gavin.

Gavin receiving the album

after that, we had makan. and chatted also. food was ok. there was fried beehoon, fried rice, curry chicken, sausages, mix veggie, salad and fruits.

next, photo time. here are some of the quick photos that i took with my camera phone. the rest are all in Gavin n Jee Seng's camera. must wait then only can get the photos from them. hehe.

me n Gavin (my godbro)

Judith, Shirley, Alison n me

me, Judith n Alison

Shueh Cheng n me

us :)

Alison n me


Judith, my dearest sis n me

my beloved bro, David n me

me, Irene n Alison

i went around taking other people's photos also. manage to catch photos of some people who didn't want to take photos. haha.

my twin brothers n Daniel (Stephen, Daniel n Samuel)

one big happy family :)

the ladies club

Gavin, thank you so much for everything you've done for the youth. you've indeed been of great help n support to many of us. thanks for being my irreplaceable godbro too. hehe. all the best in Singapore. our prayers are with you always. God Bless. we'll miss you n we love you.


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