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Friday, July 18, 2008

phew.. today was a full day with lotsa activities. morning 9am i went swimming at DBI public pool with Joyce. so long didn't see her n i was so happy to see her. Christina joined us at the pool shortly afterward. they both wanted to drag me to the deepest end of the pool but i didn't dare coz i didn't reli know how to swim. haha, sorry la Joyce, i got scared after the pool got deeper n deeper. haha. the next round we go swimming i bring the board, haha, but kinda malu la use it there when everyone in the pool's so pro at swimming there. lol.

then about 11am+ came out of the pool and went Joyce's house to shower and get ready to go Jusco. and i discovered i kena very obvious sunburn. could see my swimsuit mark. haha. well, Christina went straight to watch 'Hancock' at Jusco.

at Jusco, had lunch at Secret Recipe with Joyce n her friend, Yin Yep. we three ate the set dinner which include some chicken chop thing and an ice lemon tea for RM10. very worth it for a Secret Recipe meal. Christina joined us for lunch later and we chatted. really enjoyed chatting with them. at that time, i happen to mention that i wanna get my eyebrows shaped. i thought i wanted to do it another time when i was alone but they dragged me to the place and made me do it. lol.

next, went walk around Jusco to shop but didn't see anything to buy. then, someone suddenly pop out with the idea to go Parade n gladly Yin Yep volunteered to drive there so ok la, we all hop into his car n off we went to Parade.

walk n walk around Parade also. then felt thirsty so went to some small restaurant on the top of Parade where the open air parking was. me n Joyce ordered some soda, and try guessing the name, one was Angel in Purple n the other was Dreams Come True. i wonder who created such a "wonderful" name for the drink esp the Dreams Come True one. lol.

left: Angel in Purple (Joyce's)
right: Dreams Come True (mine)
take a sip of the 'Dreams Come True' n all ur dreams will come true. haha.

after that, drove back to Jusco then went KFC to eat Cheesy Wedges coz Joyce suddenly wanted to eat it. haha. Joyce asked for extra more cheese n the wedges was practically covered with the cheese and mayonnaise. haha. must have tasted like heaven rite Joyce. lol.

while we were about to leave, bumped into Tsuey Xin n Yoke Mun at the entrance. whoa, i was surprised but at the same time, happy to have met them. then went back in Joyce's car. we send Christina back home too. well, that girl really needed a good sleep, she look half asleep after the swim. this professional swimmer took out her best at the pool and adding to it, it was ages since she visited the swimming pool. so i guess it practically ate all her energy.

back at Joyce's home, chatted with her till dad came to fetch me. well, i had an awesome time and it all seem to pass so quickly. looking forward to our next meeting again. will miss u Joyce. call me out again the next time u go swimming.. haha.

then reach home, quickly got changed n went out for my ex-neighbour, Shin Yee's birthday party. when i was still staying in the old single storey house n that time i was much younger, i use to play with her and hang out with her, and till now, we still keep in touch with each other and just drop by one another's house to visit. hehe. thanks for the invitation, Shin Yee. i enjoyed it.

Shin Yee n me, n her birthday cake.

after the party, super hero me, still went pasar malam to jalan-jalan. went with dad. bought a pair of shorts. then went buy the iced coconut drink for family. and headed home.

it was a full n tiring day but it was great. i enjoyed it tremendously.


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