Steamboat with Moscow friends

Friday, July 11, 2008

last night, went to eat steamboat at Good Times Restaurant with some Moscow friends. at first, there were lots of people going but in the end, they all 'ffk' and left only 3 people: me, Jien Wey n Eng Yaw. kinda disappointed, i was looking forward to seeing the others too. hehe. but anyway, had a good time chatting. enjoyed the food.

our steamboat pot.

actually, got more photos, but all in Eng Yaw's camera. haha.
anyway, i think now it's more worth it to eat steamboat at this Good Times Restaurant compared to MovenPeak Steamboat coz MovenPeak steamboat have change their style to more like the Sushi King style of serving. so u don't get to take unlimited at MovenPeak Steamboat anymore. for your info, Good Times Restaurant is near Crazy Ice-Cream, for those of you from Ipoh. hehe. so if you people wanna eat steamboat, i suggest you go this restaurant to eat. lol.
till then, take care everyone..


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