Wednesday, July 23, 2008

20th Sunday
Aaron (a friend from Moscow who is from Klang) n his family came to Ipoh on Saturday to visit their grandparents. so they came to my church (Ipoh Wesley) for service on Sunday morning. after service, me n Jien Wey took he n his sis, Amy for breakfast at Kong Heng. ate the famous 'kai si hor fun' there. hehe.

21st Monday
went school in the morning to help install NOD32 anti-virus in their computers but unfortunately, there was some problem so couldn't install it, so got to make another trip back to school on Friday. then went for lunch with Jien Wey n Aaron, at Maria's Cafe at Greentown area. food was good. we ordered the set meal. i took BBQ chicken while Jien Wey n Aaron took lamb. the set included a main dish, desert n coffee or tea.

BBQ Chicken. was yummy :)

after lunch, went Ipoh Parade. Aaron bought his new wallet n his favourite shirt. haha. Jien Wey bought stuff too n i bought a sweater at BUM City for only RM5. haha. cheap le. actually, it was one of those last rejects but it was ok coz i just wanted to buy a sweater to wear indoors in Moscow so it didn't matter, i just needed a cheap one just to keep me warm. haha. then walked n walked around... and felt hot.

went for a drink at Marrybrown. the 3 of us at first decided to go Kopitiam, went in n sit down but then walked out coz it was hot there. next try, Kenny Rogers, still hot. so went Marrybrown, wasn't that bad coz they had fans so we sat right under the fan. haha.

dinner, went makan steamboat at Good Times Restaurant. Marcus n Saac joined us. when Marcus appeared at our table, we were like 'WHOA'.. Marcus, u came. coz the last round we called him out for steamboat, he 'ffk' last minute. haha. glad they came. had a reli good time chatting n i was so full. i felt my stomach so bloated. i must hav reli put on a lot of weight in the pass few days of eating n eating. haha.

our steamboat pot.

crabs n fish.

seafood. i love seafood.

yum yum

22nd Tues
this is the last day we're taking Aaron out coz he's going back to Klang tmr. got up at 7am. got ready n went to church to pick something up from Edwin then went straight to Foh San for breakfast. was early so waited for Jien Wey n Aaron. we had dim sum. it had been ages since i had dim sum for breakfast. haha. enjoyed it.

i love Hong Kong 'chee cheong fun'. my favourite.

fried lobak. nice =)

after dim sum, went Jusco. Saac joined us there. walked around Jusco. we went shoe hunting at first coz Saac n me wanted get a pair of sports shoes. mine broke. went trying from shop to shop. there was sale at Nike shop so in the end i bought my shoes from there, it's white in colour. called mum at first to ask how much is the budget, n mum ask me to get Nike coz she said my Nike pair lasted me 2 years+, so she told me to get Nike. i was surprised coz mum doesn't reli agrees in buying Nike last time. haha.

i also bought two polo shirts for dad from Padini. dad was looking for shirts so i decided to get them for him. before lunch, headed to Jusco supermarket. guess why we went to the supermarket, to get 'Anything' and 'Whatever'. haha.



okay. very often, when people ask 'What do u wanna drink?', the answer is often 'anything' or 'whatever'. so these creative people came out with this drink. 'Anything' is a carbonated drink but it can be any carbonated drink inside, maybe coke or root bear, etc. 'Whatever' is a non-carbonated drink and again, it can be any non-carbonated drink inside. haha. i bought one of each just for fun n to show my family. lol.

for lunch, my bro David joined us. at first, couldn't decide where to eat n in the end, went Black Canyon to eat coz some haven't been there before. i ordered a set meal again, coz set's cheaper. i'm reli broke thats why. haha. but it was ok, i was reli full. the set came with a main dish n ice-lemon tea.

not bad :)

after lunch, went to Judith's house. then night, went to MYC to meet Edwin together with my bro David to discuss some stuff. stayed there till almost 12 midnight. was so tired n when i got home n i just took a quick bath n went to bed. tired, but it was an enjoyable day.

special thanks to Jien Wey for driving us around. thank you so much for everything. God Bless..


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