Granduncle's Birthday dinner

Sunday, July 27, 2008

last night, celebrated my granduncle's birthday at Tai Thong Restaurant, Heritage Hotel. i think it's his 90th birthday. was really a family reunion coz there were lotsa families there including children n some even came down from KL. well, this granduncle of mine is actually my grandma's brother. he is old for his age but he looks really energetic n can really joke around. hehe. met my cousins there including Chrys. hehe. it's been ages since i last met her, was glad to have met her there.

well, this dinner indeed is grand n the food is suppose to be all good n delicious. but unfortunately, something happened. it sorta became a disaster n spoiled the whole occasion. the dinner started off with shark fin soup. well, this shark fin soup looked really innocent and fine. it just looked like a soup n tasted like a soup. but after we consumed the soup, some felt nausea, hot, stress on the back n nerves, headaches n all sorts of uncomfortable feeling. some went out for fresh air n even some went home coz they weren't feeling well.

the soup contained herbs, chicken n some wine inside n apparently, it caused some kind of reaction with our body that made us feel sick. but apparently, it wasn't that bad on the old people, thankfully. i didn't had any appetite to eat after that but in the end i just ate a little bit of noodles, the small pau, cake n the drink desert. i guess those were the best ones from the whole dinner after that soup incident. i didn't even touch the steam fish n the pork.

big pau with little small 'pau's with kaya filling inside

in the end, the chef came out to apologize n the waitresses asked us whether we felt any better. yes, we did feel better in the end. hehe. although this soup incident happened, i'm glad i went for the dinner.

the birthday cake

my niece. she's so cute. look like she's dressed in a kimono.


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