Wednesday, July 22, 2009

yesterday, 7am, went to Maybank which was right beside ASNB. for what? to line up to buy ASM shares. actually, this is not my first time experiencing this. i experienced it with my mum a few years ago on the day i took my SPM results.
dad told me n kor kor to go and open an account n put in money for both of us n at the same time, top up for my mum n younger bros account as well. so, we went. got up early in the morning. n when we reach there, there was ady a line of ppl waiting at Maybank, and ASNB beside Maybank, was ady full with ppl waiting inside n outside. oh my goodness.. we line up at Maybank, the line was much much shorter, they wrote our names down which they will call later at 9.15am when the bank opens, our names were on the 1st page itself, thank God.

so we managed to get all done at around 11am. lucky the shares have not run out yet. you can say, it wasn't much of an inconvenience compared to the last round.

well, i guess, the reason why ppl rush n get up early to fight for it is coz of the 6% interest per year compared to the bank's 2% for a fix deposit account. no wonder the crowd of ppl. it was kinda an experience waiting there. i saw the ppl's excitement. and a granny caught my attention. her hair was all white except for a few strands of brown n black hair. you can say she's old but she so energetic. she's like the most excited person among the entire crowd, chatting away with other ppl talking about the ASM. even right up to the time her name was called to settle wat she needed to and even after that, she was happily going for one person to another talking about the excitement of ASM, from what i observed, it seemed to be her new made friends there.

well.. it was an experience.

after all that done, had to settle my vaccinations to go India. so went GH Ipoh. went to enquire. they ask me to go another outpatient clinic there to ask, n the outpatient clinic asked me to go to Jelapang Clinic. so i literally went to 3 healthcare centres. finally got my Typhoid injection there for RM20 n the Malaria prescription of doxycycline for free. hehe. thanks to a nice Malay guy at the Survelan Department who helped. now left the prescription for Mefloquine which i'm yet to ask Dr Lai. and maybe might need to take the Tetanus-diphtheria if he advice me to do so too.


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