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Friday, July 24, 2009

meet Soon Ying..

Soon Ying came down to Ipoh last Wed night n she went back to KL today morning. so was able to meet up with her at JJ yesterday. it's been ages since we last met. a year ago. we have never failed to meet up every year despite the fact that we're miles apart. she's always been my bestie, a friend i really trust.

so we met at JJ at 2.30pm. kor kor followed too :) headed for a movie at 3pm.
we watched The Taking of Pelham 123. it's an 18PL action movie. i enjoyed it. to me, it's kinda hearttaking beneath all the violence. it's worth watching..

poor us felt cold inside the cinema, esp Soon Ying. haha. n the large popcorn we bought to share, 3 ppl also couldn't finish it. in the end, i tried to eat but was too full, my appetite all gone also coz my stomach was all filled with popcorn. it's like u can feel the popcorn inside, haha, nah, i'm over exaggerating. LOL.

after movie, first stop was of course, the toilet. haha. then we walked around JJ for a while then went to Black Canyon for a drink. i notice, from all my outings to JJ, i always never fail to end up in Black Canyon. haha. but the food there's good, i like Black Canyon food.

my Watermelon frost

was playing around with my camera.
i like the effects. the focus on the watermelon. LOL.
nice :)

Soon Ying's Expresso
to me, it looks so cute. haha.

us :)
scent and flavor. haha.

had a long long chat at Black Canyon. exchanged stories. catch up. we were in Black Canyon till 7.30pm. then went to Tung Ku Teng beside Woolley there for dinner. but almost everyone had no appetite. haha. coz we were like half eating n half drinking here n there. lol. there, chit chat. then almost 10pm, had to send her back. gonna miss u loads dear.. i'll be looking forward to seeing u next year. take care.. muaxx..

my missions trip to India is coming up in a weeks time.. so kinda busy now, preparing n stuff. i feel the excitement, but at the same time, i dunno why, i feel scared, like dunno what to expect. but it's ok. i know the Lord who is my Strength is with me and will never leave me. so i'm fine :) Hehe. i'll be looking forward to it. will leave to KL on 31st July n will fly off to India on 3rd August. safe journey to the China Missions team who just left for China today.

God bless, everyone..


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