Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yesterday, went KL for a day trip. took the 9am train down. then went straight to MidValley for missions meeting with the rest of the team members. went to Nando's for lunch and have the meeting at the same time. it was great to get to see all of them :)

at MidValley, bro managed to get his adapter from Machines for his MacBook. the shop's so cool, selling all the Apple stuff. i love Apple stuff, i love their design esp. haha. then went kacau Sherrie working as a promoter promoting P1 W1max. haha.

then went Kelana Jaya station to meet Kenny. he picked us up from there to go makan. haha. all the way along the journey to Puchong, chatted, kacau each other, take random photos. LOL.

bro n Kenny in the front seats.

went makan, at Bumbu Bali at Puchong there. took a long long drive there while having fun chatting. whee.. the food at Bumbu Bali there was good. i ordered some grilled fish pasta. big portion so i was like playing with my food towards the end. haha.

check out the beautiful deco at the restaurant.

the deco on the table.

the yummy food we ordered..

Barley Lime

Grilled fish pasta

Grilled Dory Fish

erm. i don't known what this dish is. hehe.
but looks good.

the people at the dinner..

bro n me.

me n Kenny.

thanks Kenny. for the wonderful dinner. come Ipoh, our turn to treat u to an even more yummy dinner. haha. thanks for the car ride too. see ya soon :)

after dinner, went to visit Esther Wee at her house. met the family. her younger bro is so cute. haha. there, we talked. bro copied photos from her. and we took photos too. roll..

top: bro n Kenny
bottom: Esther n me

good to see Esther, my long long time friend since kids. we met at a camp way back when we were in late primary school i think. haha. then we lost contact for some years n we got reunited at college when she n i were both at MCKL 2 years ago. haha. now she's studying law. hope to see u again Esther :)

9pm, headed back to KL Sentral to catch the train back home at 9.45pm. wish the trip was longer. wish my hols were longer laa. time flies so fast la :(


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