Penang.. Family weekend away..

Monday, July 13, 2009

was in Penang on Sat n Sun. so happen, Brandon was there too, but didn't meet him there. went there for a family weekend away, thank God we could have a holiday together coz all the other weekends are all filled with activities.

Day 1

reach Penang, went for lunch. bro brought us to one of the famous char kuey teow. waited sooo long for it, an hour plus at least, proven la famous. and i was shock at the price, RM6.50 per plate. sooo mahal. conclusion*: Penang food is expensive! HAHA. besides char kuey teow, we had fried oyster egg, ice kacang, otak-otak for starters.. the char kuey teow was ok for me, to me, there's nothing so great about it that i have to wait an hour more for it. Ipoh's one is yummy too. LOL.

char kuey teow..

fried oyster egg.
BUT i still prefer the one in Ipoh, at Canning Garden. LOL.

ais kacang. RM3.50 = expensive.
to me, nothing too great too. Ipoh's one is good. haha.

after lunch, went to Queensbay. it's the latest mall in Penang, crowded with ppl. went SHOPPING. whee.. MegaSale everywhere. and the sale there was CRAZY. so many stuff on sale, discounts up to 70%. so ended up buying 3 shirts and a black top. all discounted. haha. helped my bros choose jeans. whole family shopped for clothes. was quite tired after that also, walked too much. Queensbay's big.

6pm, left the mall. went to meet Qu Wern. we put up the night at his grandpa's house. super nice n comfy house. thanks lots Qu Wern. it was great to see u again. haha. dinner, Qu Wern brought us to a chinese restaurant. had an amazing dinner. thank you daddy.

after dinner, was suppose to go to Feringgi Beach pasar malam, but unfortunately it was raining heavily. it was raining heavily since before dinner. so, plan kinda spoiled. so we just went back n watch astro n chit chat. haha. slept at 2.45am.

Day 2

went to Penang Wesley for church service. met Wei-An and Yue Yi. it's been ages since i last saw them, like 4 years ago since they left our church. next, headed to Balik Pulau to eat durian!! haha. took a long drive there coz it's far. Balik Pulau is actually a hilly area. stopped by one of the stalls to have durian. the person recommended 2 types of durian: Amy Yip and Red Prawn.


Amy Yip

Red Prawn

i prefer the Amy Yip type. but my bros prefer Red Prawn. haha. the durian was so tempting till my younger bro couldn't help but eat though he had mouth ulcer. haha.

the view from Balik Pulau. spot the sea..

rambutans on the tree..

and durians on the tree..

after durian, went to Batu Ferringgi Beach. wanted to go for jet ski, but sea was too rough, not advisable to do so, so in the end tak jadi again. sad case right.. but nvm, went there enjoy the beach wind.. and watch those huge waves.. they're really huge, as tall as a person. went shop for beach pants too.. LOL.

huge waves..
the huge wave covering the guys on jet ski behind.
can only see a little of their heads if u look carefully.

me, daddy, david

after spending quite some time chilling by the beach, went to Gurney Plaza. went for a light lunch at 3pm, coz that time our stomachs still kinda full with the durian. haha. daddy took us chili's to eat, for the first time.

Fajita Nachos chicken

Caleb Club Sandwich

Firecracker Fish.
i love the sauce. yummy.

Grilled chicken. the mashpotatoes good.

happy people enjoying the food :)

the men of the family.. :D
David's dummy looking face. haha.

after lunch, walk a bit in Gurney Plaza then headed back to Ipoh..

on the highway, almost reaching the tunnel part, the car overheated. we thought the pipe or something burst, coz we tried adding water but the water we added somehow seemed like it flowed out coz there was literally water draining out unto the road. scary experience to be stranded by the highway. called the mechanics and the insurance company, wanted to arrange for a tow truck to tow the car back. the position our car was just beside the road like that was so dangerous. we remembered the incident that happened to someone we know years ago. prayer was all we could do.

we waited... PLUS came along the way. they tried adding water. then dunno how the PLUS guy said it was ok ady. there was enough water. so we started the enjine and checked the temperature. it was back to normal, seemed like there wasn't anymore water draining out anymore, so we continued our journey back... car was ok throughout the journey. really thank God for the safe journey..


Still Single July 14, 2009 at 8:34 PM  

Ipoh is d food heaven. Not penang. Penang cheap and good is d seafood. U gotta try it..

The beach is great. Been there once, loved it. =]
Managed to ride d banana boat and go parachuting. But didn't get to jet ski either..

U've never been to Chilis before this?? Oh my..

Charis KLE July 14, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

of course la, chili's is so expensive. i would never go there unless i'm rich. i'm kinda chin chai with food anyway. haha.

i prefer clean water, and penang's beach water aren't clean at all. haha.

our next hols may be Pangkor Island. there got lotsa water sports too :) this time, i'm so gonna sit jet ski. haha. i tried kayak before only.

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