WMSI Dedication Dinner

Sunday, July 26, 2009

last night, Saturday, was the longest dinner i went to. it lasted 4 hours from 7pm till 11pm. it was the Wesley Methodist School Ipoh Dedication dinner. but food only started to come at around 8.15pm. before that, they had speeches n stuffs.

met lotsa ppl there. godbro came back. saw my ex-school principal n PK HEM, Pn Siva and Pn Cheah. they were in the same table as godbro. met Fiona Ding too. there were like a total of 1000 plus ppl at the dinner. it's a fundraising dinner for WMSI actually.

so here's some of the food served..


fish, sweet n spicy sauce. i love this dish the most.

brocholli, mushrooms..


roasted chicken with prawn crackers..

and many more..

then they had lotsa presentations during the dinner too. WMSI choir performed the song 'You Raised Me Up' with Marianne conducting the team. got dance presentation by MCKL too. and saxophone playing by a 3 ppl n also violin by WMS KL.

had a great time there. glad to see many ppl whom i haven't seen for ages.. cheers..


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