Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'll be heading to KL tomorrow.
9am train to KL Central.
so my blog temporary will not be updated till i return from India on 13th August.

Monday is my flight to India,
and my flight back will be on 13th August.
Will head straight home after reaching back to Msia.

as some of you may know,
i'm going to India,
8 in a team altogether,
for Missions / Humanitarian Aid.

we'll be heading to Chennai,
so do keep us in prayer.

God bless everyone..

P/s: sorry people for not being able to meet up and spend time much. been really busy running up and down. this summer hols passed so fast, just like that. i can't believe it too. and i'll be really missing everyone when i'm back in Moscow on 23rd August. love ya all..


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