Wednesday, July 22, 2009

went to meet my teacher, Pn Murizan today for lunch. she's my closest teacher, back in secondary school when i was actively involved in the Librarian Board n became the AVA (Audio Visual Aids) Head. she's one of the librarian teachers n she's the AVA Teacher so that's how i got close to her. she teaches History n Moral real well, one of the best dedicated caring teachers i've met throughout my entire school years. but too bad, she got transfered to another school, although she tried her very best to object. what a pity.. after she got transfered, i never went back to school to hang out in the library the whole morning like how i once did. miss those days..

well, i never fail to meet her every summer hols. hehe. so, me, Kuen May n Benita met her for lunch today at Laksamana Cheng Ho at Greentown area.

after lunch, went back to school for visit. but then, everyone left school d, left only the afternoon session ppl. so just took a quick peak at the library. it's has changed again. like every year i go back to visit once, there's sure to be a change there. haha. then went to say Hi to Mrs. Lee too, the current principal which happens to be my Aunt. LOL.

and as i've promised Kuen May n Pn Murizan to post the photos, here are they.. hehehe..

Pn Murizan n Kuen May

Pn Murizan n me

looking forward to our next meeting again.. oh ya, Pn Murizan's daughter so happen shares the same birthday with me, October 12. and my AVA assistant, Kit Yin's birthday is on the same day as well. what a coincidence. we found out back during school days. haha.


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