Holiday Updates #3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it's been a month since i came back. time really flies. it seems like yesterday i only reached home. and it's been ady a month. arggh. so don't wanna leave so fast..

last Friday nite, 17th July, was ACS CF High Praise. both my younger bros were playing electric guitar for that event, so kor kor n me went to support. somehow, i felt out of place, all those school kids, though some of them were lower 6 which mean they're only a year younger, but still, i felt kinda weird. HAHA.

anyways, yay, Yue-Yi n Wei-An came to Ipoh for a visit. Yue-Yi's back from US n Wei-An from Singapore. haven't met them for soooo long, since they left our church. so, got to met them on Friday nite after the High Praise. Hsien Han, Lip Hyean n Lip Ee's back too. but they're going back today to Aussie, so met them for one last time for supper last nite.

Sunday, 19th July, today's the Sunday School Family Day. so the kids and their family had a fun time of games. so we youth, helped out. i was in charged of a game called 'Every Drop' together with Jonathan, where they had to fill the bottle with water from sponge. haha. sounds easy huh? but it's not that easy, the water flows somewhere else n the bottle mouth is small. haha. after the games ended, as usual, it always end with a finale of we youth playing with the left over water. so we threw water on each other. ended up wet. thanks to sis who was the first to pour water on me. haha. oh, and i broke my slipper in the process of chasing after ppl with the water. haha. so ended up borrowing slippers from Irene. thanks dear. haha. i love fun times like these. miss them so much when i'm away in Moscow.

lunch was provided at church, so after lunch, we headed out for dessert. a whole bunch of us. went to Repulse Bay at Greentown there.

Mixed Fruit Ice-Cream

me, Yue-Yi n Marianne

after dessert, the excited bunch of guys wanted to go CyberCafe, so we carted along since we had to go back in their cars too. haha. so i ended up playing CounterStrike, for the FIRST time. haha. beginning, started out really cacat, but after a while practicing, managed to kill more n more ppl, which include my bros n the guys who kept killing me at the start. hahaa. LOL. we played till 4 sumthing. poor Yue-Yi felt pening halfway n couldn't play much. anyways, really glad to spend time with them.

bye bye Yue-Yi n Wei-An. i'll miss u guys so much. sorry didn't really get to teman u all but hope u enjoyed ur stay. God bless..


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