Meeting classmates..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

on Saturday morning, went out with Melissa Liew n Wan Chee.. actually, planned to meet more people but too bad they couldn't make it.. but anyway, it's ok.. at least i got to meet Melissa n Wan Chee.. i've been wanting to see them coz i've not seen them for quite some time.. we met at Ipoh Parade.. we gathered at Popular n guess what, we met Pooi Yee also.. but she's got a date.. haha.. went walking around.. Melissa bought Kerabu Mango from one of those Thailand stalls set up there.. it was nice but i couldn't eat much coz i had a sore throat and didn't wanna make it worst so i just tried a bit.. what a pity i couldn't eat more.. then, we went Cafe de Coral.. Wan Chee got ice-cream.. another thing i can't eat.. haiz.. so sad u know.. can't eat this can't eat that.. why la fall sick at such a time.. haizz.. but anyways.. i enjoyed talking with them.. well.. though it was only a short while, it was worth it.. Wan Chee had to leave early so i had lunch with Melissa at Kopitiam after Wan Chee left.. we had sandwiches coz we were kinda full.. then Melissa had to go tuition.. :( so.. that was it.. well.. Melissa, Wan Chee.. thanks so much for coming.. all the best in form 6, Melissa.. i know u can do it.. Wan Chee, all the best in your accounts course.. i'm sure you'll make a good accountant.. and to Jo Ann, i was hoping to see you but it's ok that you couldn't make it.. just don't stress too much k.. chill.. i know you can.. all the best, Jo Ann.. i will really miss you all.. take care ya.. till we meet again, keep in touch..


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