Farewell dinner..

Monday, September 24, 2007

yesterday, Saturday night, had my farewell dinner with church youth friends at Crazy Ice-Cream.. a really big thank you to all who came: David, Judith, Ian, Jamie, Hsien Han, Hsien Shoong, Jin Ee, Jojo, Lena, Boky, Lip Hyean, Gavin, Jee Seng.. ate and chatted.. food was not bad.. and the price is also reasonable.. in fact, they have very cheap western food.. haha..

Crazy Ice-Cream :)

after dinner, some of us went Gavin's house watch movies.. Jee Seng, David, Judith, Jojo, Lip Hyean, Jamie, Ian were there.. watched a Japanese movie 'Shinobi'.. kinda nice and touching.. by the time the movie finished, it was like almost 12 midnight.. somemore the next day is Sunday and have to get up early so we all quickly rush back home.. so.. that was it.. my last Saturday.. though a short while, but it was worth it.. thank you so much everyone for making it so special to me.. and thanks to my brother, David for organizing it.. a BIG thank you to everyone.. i will surely miss everyone a lot.. God Bless..


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