My New Spectacles..

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i just got my new spectacles.. i love it.. it's a SODA spectacles.. i made an extra one just in case i break one in Moscow.. lol.. but then, the power of the lenses is different from the one older.. the one before actually was inaccurate and caused me to get headache if i wore it for many hours.. cause i did it with a different optometrist and i guess he didn't do a proper job.. i found out that it was inaccurate when i made this new pair and re-checked my eyes with another optometrist that i use to go to since i made my first pair of specs.. thats one of the reasons why i don't wear specs at times.. but anyway, this time, i made a half-frame one instead of a frame-less one.. haha.. here's my new specs.. and the case too.. i love the case.. and the specs also of course.. lol.. but i know someone else will like my specs case.. Annie, i know u like it cause it's green.. lol.. when i saw the case, it reminded me of u.. and ur love for green.. haha..

my new specs.. it's green..

the green case..

i love it :)

Thanks, mom.. for the new specs.. and for everything..


Annie September 5, 2007 at 8:38 PM  

LOL..let us switch spectacles..i mean the frame..
i love ur specs la..
damn nice..lovely green..
i wana much eh?

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