My second last Sunday..

Monday, September 17, 2007

well.. i had to do this sketch thing for the Sunday School.. we had to act out something like a TV programme.. i was the contestant and i was made to wear a dress with heels and earrings.. my brother, David was the announcer and he had to wear formal with tie.. Bryan Poh was the devil and he had to wear all black (black shirt and pants with black robe on the outside) and red horns.. haha.. he must have been feeling real hot.. then.. May Yan was the leader.. here are some photos.. took them before the sketch.. hehe..

me n my bro..

The cast: Bryan, May Yan, me n bro..

went to MYF late because of the sketch.. but made it back in time before they broke up into the buddy group.. we had a time of sharing and praying for one another.. later.. after MYF, went for lunch at some restaurant (can't rmb the name) at Canning Garden area.. Hsien Han, Hsien Shoong, Bryan, Ian, David, Lena, Lip Hyean went.. i had rice with veggies and meat plus fried chicken.. the fried chicken was nice.. delicious.. yummy.. haha.. after lunch, went to watch 'The Brave One' at Jusco with David, Bryan, Ian and Lip Hyean.. the show was kinda good.. well.. guess it may be the last movie i watch back here in Ipoh before i leave to Moscow.. at Moscow there the movies won't be nice to watch.. coz all the movies there are dubbed into Russian.. no longer original.. sad case.. haha..


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