What has this world become??

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What has this world become? i seriously think everyone should think of it.. seriously.. i am very concern.. recently, we read about the young girl who got murder after being sexually assaulted and having cucumber and brinjal forced into her private parts and then left abandoned in a gym bag near a shop.. when i first read the papers in the morning, i was HORRIFIED.. making the girl suffer by forcing cucumber and brinjal into her private parts and then causing her death.. how could there be such a cruel person.. what did the girl do to ever deserve such a thing.. how could he even do such a thing.. making such a young innocent girl suffer.. she doesn't deserve it.. why does such a thing have to happen? seriously, i really don't understand that stupid crazy idiotic person who did that thing.. what does he gain from doing that.. he's really a person with no mercy, no brains, no love in his heart.. that person is such an idiot.. i really dunno how to describe how sorry i feel.. i feel so so sorry for the girl.. i really hope that culprit will be caught as soon as possible before he gets more victims.. we cannot afford to delay anymore.. may justice be done..


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