Back to school for the last time..

Thursday, September 20, 2007

went back to school on Wednesday with Ming Lee and Kavita.. went back to meet teachers and friends.. well.. it will be my last trip back to school before i leave to Moscow.. next trip back to school will probably be next year June when i come back for summer holidays.. hehe.. met lotsa teachers.. and went down to canteen during recess to meet other friends.. talked and talked and talked a lot with them.. so many stories to tell.. haha.. hehe.. i will certainly miss them all.. well.. here are the photos we took..

blur.. Back: me, Kavita n Ming Lee
Front: Pn Murizan n Pn Jamnah

Kavita, Ming Lee, me n Pn Murizan :)

me n Pn Murizan..

Back: me, Kavita, Pn Hasnah n Ming Lee
Front: Pn Azizah

me, Miss Chong n Kavita..

Kavita n me with Cik Tengku..

well.. i will look forward to the next trip to school.. hehe.. :)


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