My last Sunday..

Monday, September 24, 2007

farewell is really hard to say.. and especially on this Sunday, my last Sunday, where i will meet my church pals for the last time before i leave to Moscow.. i will indeed miss everyone a lot.. thanks everyone for your prayers.. though i will be very far away, i will remember you all in my prayers..

Zu Ning n me..

Zu Ning, thanks for everything.. will miss you a lot.. thanks for all your hard work in MYF.. keep up the good work and continue to shine for Him.. all the best in your SPM.. remember, just do your best and leave the rest to God.. He will take care of you.. keep in touch.. God Bless..

Irene n me..

Irene, thanks for being my good friend at church.. i'm gonna miss you.. take care k.. all the best in your PMR.. don't stress too much ya.. remember to trust God to help you.. i'll see you next year during summer holidays.. keep in touch..

Jojo n me..

Jojo, thanks for everything.. i will miss you lots too.. keep smiling ya.. your smile's really nice.. continue to seek, serve n follow Christ.. all the best in everything.. God Bless..

me n Jin Ee..

Jin Ee, your laughter is really contagious.. haha.. but laughter is good.. continue laughing ya.. lol.. will miss you.. anyways, thanks for everything.. thanks for your lame crap and all.. haha.. all the best in form 6.. take care :)

Judith n me.. my dear godsis n buddy..

Judith.. thanks so much for everything.. for always being there for me and all.. thank you for your company and your prayers.. you've really been of great help and support to me in many ways.. you're really an irreplaceable godsis that i treasure very much.. i really thank God He gave me you.. hehe.. i will really really miss you a lot.. well.. continue to serve God k.. with your talents n all.. keep up the good work in MYF.. you've really blessed me and others in so many ways.. all the best in everything you do.. always remember that you're not alone, God is there.. and i'm there too.. maybe not physically but my prayers will always be with you.. you can sms me, call me, friendster me, msn me, email me, just anything.. i'll be so happy to hear from you.. keep in touch k.. will miss you lots.. love ya n God Bless..

Gavin n me.. my godbro..

Gavin, thank you so much for everything.. for all your prayers, gifts, sharing, motivation and every little thing.. you've really been a blessing to me and to those around you also.. will miss you a lot.. and will always remember you, an irreplaceable godbro that i treasure a lot too.. and i really thank God He gave me you.. well.. continue to seek, serve n follow Christ.. and be a blessing to others around you.. keep in touch ya.. don't forget to tell me latest news.. hehe.. sms me, call me, friendster me, email me, msn me, anything u can think of, just anything.. i'll be really happy.. take care and God Bless ya..

Judith, me n Gavin :)

JinEe, me, Lena, Jojo, Han n Boky..

farewell everyone.. i will miss you all.. 'paka' and 'dasvidania'.. see you next summer holidays.. God Bless you all..

p/s: 'paka' means a friendly bye in russian while 'dasvidania' means a respectful bye in russian..


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