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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

on Tuesday afternoon, went Ipoh Parade with brother for shopping.. my brother needed to get a new wallet coz his wallet is in a bad condition already.. and i needed to get some stuff.. went walking around looking for what there is available.. and finally, my brother managed to get his wallet and i managed to get the stuff i needed.. hehe.. well, while shopping i also met my ex-piano teacher.. so happen she was there shopping also.. haha.. didn't expect to meet her.. over all, it was a good trip out.. i enjoyed it and i will certainly miss it.. :) well.. after Ipoh Parade, on the way back home, decided to drop by the Ipoh Railway Station to visit and see see.. since it's been newly renovated, we wanted to see how it looks like.. i remember before it started renovation, many years ago, i used to go to that place with my family.. we would go there and watch the trains and just explore the platforms and underground passage to go to the other side of the platform.. but now the newly renovated one doesn't have the underground passage anymore.. how sad.. haha.. well.. i remember the satays we used to buy at the stalls near the railway station.. i miss those satays.. now, they've moved all those stalls away to another place and ever since they moved them, i've never gone to eat those satays again.. talking about them makes me hungry right now.. haha.. anyone gonna get me some satay? lol.. well.. i prefer the malay satay more than the chinese made ones.. haha.. for me, the satays the Malays make are nicer.. i love the sauce and i especially like them with more nuts in it.. haha.. whoa.. i'm getting hungry.. lol.. oh ya, we also sat the old ancient lift at the Majestic Hotel situated at the railway station itself.. that lift is the old type where u have to manually close the door yourself and it's not like the lifts we find where it automatically comes when u press the button for the lift to come.. haha.. i remember i used to play with it last time, many years ago.. so.. having to sit that lift after such a long time really makes me miss those days.. being a kid is fun.. haha.. well.. here are some photos i took of the newly renovated railway station and the ancient lift.. enjoy..

new walkway.. my bro standing in the middle.. haha..

new doors..

new new new..

the old lift from the outside..

the old lift from the inside.. the door..

after the railway station visit, since we were thirsty, went 'tau fu fah' hunting.. haha.. coz 'tau fu fah' is cooling and we both love 'tau fu fah'.. haha.. went hunting.. but too bad, all the stalls were close.. thought of buying sugarcane drink coz couldn't find 'tau fu fah' but decided to see whether another 'tau fu fah' stall is open, but too bad it was close.. and when we wanna go back and buy the sugarcane drink, that stall pulak close.. so in the end have to settle for lime juice at home.. haha.. wat a day.. but.. it was fun.. i will miss it..


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