Less than 2 weeks left..

Friday, September 14, 2007

well.. i realize how time flies.. now, i only have less than 2 weeks left before i leave to Moscow.. i will indeed miss everyone.. well.. today was a great day.. went to meet Pooi Yee to learn some russian.. started out with the russian alphabet.. whoa.. it's was not easy.. so so so not easy.. so so so confusing.. it really ate up all my energy.. trust me, once you try learning it u'll know wat i mean.. coz they got all kinds of rules in their grammar.. must have this and that.. so confusing.. why can't they just make it simpler and make it so much easier.. haha.. plus.. when we write russian, the letters have to connect like how we write cursive writing.. well.. i don't like to write cursive but now i guess i have no choice but to write cursive.. lol.. anyway, thanks Pooi Yee for helping.. it really helped me.. coz i really couldn't learn on my own.. it's almost impossible.. haha.. will see you in Russia hopefully.. hehe..
then.. at night.. i went pasar malam with dad.. well.. it will be the last pasar malam in 9 months.. i will miss pasar malam.. lol.. well.. actually, went there to get some comfy long pants for sleeping in Moscow.. coz it's gonna be cold at night apparently.. walked and walked.. so many people.. crowded.. and today was not raining so i guess particularly more people will go pasar malam.. haha.. i love pasar malam coz i love to see the stuff they sell.. haha.. saw a bag with words on it saying 'I'm not a plastic bag'.. haha.. love it coz it's cute but didn't ask the price coz i guess it would be out of my budget anyway.. haha.. well.. that was a good time spent with dad.. will miss my daddy.. hehe.. thanks dad for everything..

me and dad at Singapore Jurong Bird Park..


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