Thursday, September 20, 2007

yesterday evening, went to Ulu Chepor waterfall with my brother and Bryan.. my brother wanted to look at the place to find a suitable part for the youths to have their outing on 30th Sept.. too bad i won't be here to attend the outing.. i really wanna go.. it's been ages since i went to play at that waterfall.. i remember when i was younger i used to go a lot.. but now, didn't go already.. things have change.. probably we're more busy now.. hehe.. well.. we went there and look see look see.. then we walked inside to look for the waterfall.. it was kinda a long way.. but we managed to reach the waterfall.. though it was not a big one it's still worth it.. hehe.. we went into the cooling clean water.. it felt so nice.. childhood memories immediately came into my mind.. it made me miss them so much.. well.. here are some photos i took..

the waterfall.. small it is but still nice..

my legs in the cool clean flowing water.. nice :)

i love it :)

the scenery..

the water flowing through the rocks..


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