Moscow, here I come.. Time flies..

Sunday, September 9, 2007

yesterday, went for briefing at KL for my studies in Moscow, Russia.. left Ipoh at 7.45am and reach the place of briefing at 10.30am.. didn't reach on time though for the first batch of briefing but there was still the second batch.. there, i found out that my plane flight will be on 26th Sept at 2am.. but i have to be in KLIA on 25th Sept at 11pm.. will be flying with Emirates.. time flies indeed.. i only have less than 3 weeks left of home sweet home.. i hate saying goodbyes.. hehe.. anyways, found out that there'll be 5 people including me going for the pre-medical course and about 20 plus people going into first year degree.. hmm.. well, guess it's gonna be a new life soon.. when was done with the briefing, left Kl at 12.30pm cause i had to rush back to travel to Penang with other church youth for Youth Rally there.. though i could have almost couldn't make it, but thank God i could make it on time back.. dad drove all the way at speed of 120 km/j.. lol.. i was super tired.. my butt hurt cause of the many hours of sitting in the car.. haha.. but it was a worthwill trip to Penang.. the Youth Rally was awesome though most of the songs they sang were unknown to most of us.. but the thing that made it awesome was the speaker.. the speaker was good.. and his message touched many lives that night.. though we left early because we had to travel back, we had a time of sharing in the van.. thanks to Aunty Judy.. it was a really blessed time when everyone just opened up.. we just got to know each other better.. and before we even realise, we were back home.. Praise God for all His blessings..

anyway, manage to take a picture before the Youth Rally started..

FRONT: Judith, me n Hannah.. BACK: Shirley, Gavin n David..


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