Family Gathering..

Monday, September 17, 2007

last night.. i had my last family gathering before i leave for Moscow.. had dinner with everyone.. my aunt (who is a very very superb good cook) made the food.. she made roasted chicken wings, all kinds of noodles and cakes.. i enjoyed the food.. i especially like her cakes.. she makes super good cakes.. super duper delicious.. this time, she made some pandan layer cakes which were my favourite.. i love pandan flavoured stuff.. the cakes were so nice.. how i wish i could cook as well as her.. haha.. well, she makes a lot of other stuff also.. since mooncake festival's just around the corner, she's been making lotsa mooncakes.. although i don't eat mooncakes but based on people, she makes good mooncakes.. there are people who even order mooncakes from her.. that shows how good her cooking skills are.. and once, my housemates in KL ate the chocolate cake she made and they said it was even better than the Secret Recipe ones.. whoa.. thats a very good compliment since Secret Recipe are known for their cakes.. haha.. well.. here's the pandan layer cake my aunt made..

i love it :)

before i left, took some photos.. here's one i took with my camera phone.. the other photos are in my mum's camera..

cousins: Vivian, me n Jimmy

well.. i will really miss them.. and i really thank everyone for making the night so special to me.. will always remember everyone.. see you all during summer holidays..


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