Monday, September 10, 2007

yesterday, Sunday.. we had something different.. we had koreans with us.. Pastor Noh and his son, Aram with another new female singer, can't remember her name, plus a group of profesional hairstylist from Korea came.. they actually came to Ipoh on Thursday.. Pastor Noh, Aram and the female singer lead the praise and worship session during church service.. and those profesional hairstylist gave free haircut to street people, the homeless and the unfortunate.. they also did free haircut for those young people who came to JMC on Saturday morning.. and on Sunday, they did for the seniors of the church.. my goodness.. after the haircut, the seniors look so much younger with their new hairstyle.. those hairstylist were amazing.. they cut super fast compared to out hairdresses.. and yet they could make nice hairstyles.. haha.. well, while watching those hairstylist at work when we finished MYF meeting, managed to take some pictures.. well, took one with Hannah Ong.. she'll be going back to KL to start college next week.. so i won't be seeing her till next year during summer holidays.. well Hannah, will miss u.. and thanks for sharing during MYF meeting.. it was good.. God Bless..

me and Hannah :)

Irene, ShaunA, Jojo n me..

me n Jin Ee.. can't see her eyes.. lol..

me n Judith :)

well, this will me my third last Sunday before i leave.. will miss everyone in church..


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